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Our mission

Merkur contributes to the development and growth of manufacturing companies through customized, flexible and innovative solutions for processes optimization and new manufacturing technologies deployment. We integrate the global business vision of our clients in their engineering projects to ensure profitable gains.

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Our values

  • Team work

    Demonstrate professionalism, autonomy, enthusiasm and respect. We promote knowledge sharing with our colleagues, our clients and our partners.
  • Innovation

    Be on the lookout for new technologies that can contribute to our success and provide added value to products and processes both for our company and for our client.
  • Entrepreneurship

    Being entrepreneur means being proactive and identifying business opportunities for our company as well as our customers and partners.
  • Commitment and intensity

    Being committed means being willing to mobilize oneself intensively for the company and its clients in order to achieve strategic and operational objectives

Working environment

Merkur provides many working environments to develop your expertise: offices, laboratories, production plants, warehouses, etc.

At Merkur, collaboration, sharing and exchanges take place in a warm and respectful atmosphere that allows each and everyone to participate in the success of the company.

Meeting roomsMeeting rooms
Geneviève Masson ing. P<span style="text-transform:lowercase">h</span>.D.
Geneviève Masson ing. Ph.D.
4 years of service
Denis Fauteux
Denis Fauteux
23 years of service

In my team, there are my colleagues and a whole community! I have been working here for over 20 years and I always appreciate the contact I have with people.

We are very proud to offer many career opportunities as well as optimal conditions for our employees for over 20 years.
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