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December 12, 2017

You want to enhance your skills? You are looking for a stimulating environment? You want to save yourself from traffic jams? Merkur is the right place to find a job that will motivate you every day!

Take an exclusive look in a Merkur's employee day

1. Your Monday mornings will be synonymous with motivation, because you will work on rewarding and innovative projects.
You will even make your ideas travel!

 Two of our engineers in Sahagun, Mexique

2. You will work with a dynamic team and you will even want to see your colleagues on evenings and weekends.
Social activities are organized on a regular basis and your taste buds will revel during meals at the sugar shack and many more!

 Sugar Shack dinner 2015

3. You will use cutting-edge technologies and you will never be curbed by equipment that is too slow or inappropriate.
At Merkur, we run to achieve our goals!

 Sherbrooke half-marathon 2016 and work tools

4. The conciliation between personal life and work will be never be a source of stress. At Merkur, we offer work tools that
allow you to collaborate with your colleagues in any office and we give an important place to the family. Horseriding with the kids
at the summer party? Why not!

Summer parties 2015 and 2016

5. You will work in a nice and modern environment. Your creativity will always be put to test! In addition, our employees
work in a variety of work environment and on challenging projects of any size. Teamwork is greatly valued at Merkur. See for yourself!

Halloween 2017 and team work

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