The Different Engineering Fields at Merkur

November 7, 2017

Engineering is omnipresent in our society and it is in everything, from our calculator to our car. Many professions come from this field of work and allow companies like Merkur to excel in what they do.

Merkur is a consulting engineering firm with a team of over 95 engineers and technicians who specialize in various fields of engineering. In order to carry out the projects of our customers, we require the expertise of mechanical, computer, electricians and industrial engineers and technicians. There are several other types of engineering, such as civil engineering or building engineering, but these specialties are not developed at Merkur.

Mechanical Engineering

Engineers and technicians specializing in mechanics are designers of products, machines or complex systems that require movements or efforts, such as products from the automotive industry, boats, water pumps, etc. Mechanical engineers and technicians are called upon to define specifications, to develop products, equipment, tools, to write working methods, assembly lines or to create test benches for carrying out tests before putting into production, etc. They must also consider constraints of all kinds, whether as environmental, financial or health and safety constraints. At Merkur, projects of any size require mechanical knowledge, but especially industrialization projects.

Computer Engineering

Computer technicians and engineers design systems and software and make sure to solve information management issues. A good knowledge of the structure of technologies is necessary for the computer engineer. He works mainly in the fields of programming, embedded systems, industrial computing, software engineering, etc. His expertise allows him to control robots in factories, set up networks in a company, create computer systems that control certain components of an automobile and much more. Computer technicians and engineers at Merkur are heavily involved in smart factory projects.

Electrical Engineering

The fields of intervention of electrical technicians and engineers can be energetic, electrical systems, embedded and electronic systems, computing, etc. Their main tasks are industrial design and the management and implementation of industrial projects. Their expertise allows them to design various objects that require hardware intelligence, such as MP3 players. Merkur’s electrical technicians and engineers will mainly participate in systems engineering projects and some industrialization projects.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers and technicians are the ones who, in a factory, manage the efficiency and productivity of the plant. They must know how to analyze and design production systems, their components as well as their interactions. They seek to maximize the optimization of the human-machinery-capital components in order to improve the productivity of the company. Working in the field of industrial engineering involves completing design, plant and its installation tasks, create layout plans, studying machinery, making recommendations, analyzing costs, etc. At Merkur, industrial engineers and technicians are the key to success of our operational excellence team.


At Merkur, the engineering professions require the involvement of each specialty, at different levels, thus promoting teamwork, the mobilization and the commitment of all to carry out complex and innovative projects to satisfy our customers.

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