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Together we create winning conditions to help our clients outperform the competition and rise to the top of their markets. We build agile, versatile, and high-performing teams that work with clients to meet their challenges.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do.

Our values

Travail d'équipe


We team with our clients to create the winning conditions they need to outperform the competition and become best in class.



We pool our expertise to develop new and creative solutions. We scrutinize everything, asking questions and sparking epiphanies that inspire our clients to innovate.



Our proactive teams have the courage to propose bold solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and challenges.

Engagement et intensité

Reaching higher

We challenge the status quo to spark change. Our teams are always reaching higher to find the best solutions for our clients.

Work environment

Each project comes with its own environment and challenges. But whether it’s an office, production line, laboratory, or warehouse here at home or abroad, Merkur’s corporate culture provides the support you need. Our people-first approach is welcoming and your colleagues and managers will always have your back.

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The Merkur team has given me the opportunity to grow and put my theoretical expertise in product development into practice. It’s a rock-solid team of great people!

– Geneviève Masson Ing. Ph.D.
Merkurite since 2014

Merkur offers an exciting work environment where I have grown professionally. If you have an idea that fits the team’s vision, you’ll get the support, encouragement, and help you need to put it in play.

– Jonathan Levesque Ing.
Merkurite since 2013

Since 1994, Merkur has been supporting the career development of manufacturing and product development professionals with exciting challenges and the backing of a supportive team.

Social activities and implications

Défi têtes rasées 2016

Shaved Head Challenge 2016

XMen Race Orford 2015

XMen Race Orford 2015

Vélo de montagne 2015

Mountain bike 2015

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