Louis’s inspiring journey

Discover the inspiring career path that is possible at Merkur Inc. Our colleague Louis Labonté, ing. PMP, senior industrialization advisor, has experienced exceptional progress within our team. A Merkurien since 2000, Louis has held various positions where he played a key role for our clients.

Learn more about his role and his passion for his profession –

2000 Trainee
2005 Junior engineer
2010 Intermediate engineer
2015 Senior engineer
2020 Coordinator

What inspires you every day about your work at Merkur Inc.?

I realized it concretely not that long ago! When I hear people say they have a hard time getting up in the morning, they never feel like going to work. I have never experienced this. I am in my place! I love what I do and there isn’t a day like this. I have had the chance to work on several large projects and that means a lot to me. Now I enjoy coaching our new teammates, I feel useful when I help people and our business is going well. My work allows me to be completely on my X! And it’s Merkur who allows me that. The management team is at our disposal, if we want to realign our career or if we do not feel in line with the projects that are proposed to us.

Tell us about a highlight of your career at Merkur Inc.

Without a doubt, my little family was able to follow me on this crazy adventure to work for a client in their brand new factory in Mexico. I was able to share what would be suitable for me as arrangements to go there and they immediately took care of my requests to find a way to do it that would suit both me and the client. It was a great achievement internationally for me, where I was able to put into practice and develop my professional skills and knowledge with such a dynamic team! I have fond memories of it and these learnings are still useful to me today in my role.

A “plus” that makes all the difference at Merkur Inc.?

I will certainly answer that it is to be able to count on a network of more than 150 experts! When faced with a major challenge or if we have a dilemma in front of us, a call to all on our exchange platform and voila! Teamwork and the sharing of knowledge between the most experienced and our new players is undoubtedly an essential asset.

Tell us a bit about your professional background

I first completed a DEC in plastics processing since it was quite fashionable at the time. As I liked the manufacturing component, this course allowed me to work in different companies where I was able to do both quality assurance and mold design. Having few job openings at that time, I chose to complete a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in 2003. I completed various internships in Montreal before moving to Sherbrooke, where I started my career at Merkur. I found a team that listens, where I can exercise my full potential and where I feel that I am making a real difference day after day!

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